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Inside the CFA
OSN Game of the Week: 15th Edition

New Orleans (10-4) @ West Texas (10-4)

The UFC Gulf division is the only division in the league that has not been decided. The first round of this three-round robin saw Houston defeating New Orleans 29-21 in Week #14. This week the New Orleans Corsairs play their second divisional road game in a row; this time against the West Texas Wranglers in Amarillo, Texas. The breakdown: the Corsair’s loss last week was the second defeat at the hands of the Pride this year, earning Houston the tie breaker; New Orleans lost earlier in the year to the Wranglers. For West Texas, a win this week, and a win at Houston in the season finale will give West Texas the division title. All three of these Gulf Division teams, at least two, will make the playoffs.
What to watch for?

The passing game and mistakes could be the key factor in victory. Both teams have solid run games, as well as stout defensive fronts against the run. So, all things being fairly equal, the team that get the passing game involved will have the advantage.



Points Scored –24.6 (10th)
Total Yards – 381.7 (7th)
Rush Yards – 194.6 (2nd)
Pass Yards – 187.1 (27th)
Points Allowed – 18.4 (7th)
Total Yards Allowed – 311.8 (6th)
Rush Yards Allowed – 69.8 (1st)
Pass Yards Allowed – 242.0 (21st)



Points Scored – 26.3 (7th)
Total Yards – 363.4 (12th)
Rush Yards – 144.9 (7th)
Pass Yards – 218.5 (19th)

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