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OSN Game of the Week: 13th Edition

Houston Pride (7-3) @ San Francisco Hammerheads (10-0)


Each team has something to play for. San Francisco has been on a quest for several years now. A quest to be the first team to win the Continental Bowl with a goose egg. A goose egg in the loss column. If any team were to have full bragging rights for pulling off that feat. For the last several years they have had the most difficult schedule. Can you imagine playing Portland, St. Louis, Washington, and whoever the Southern Division annointed division champion from the year before, every year. Good luck having a winning season let alone an undefeated one. On the other side of the field is the Pride. The Pride is in the middle of a dogfight for the Southern Division. Right now they have command of the Division but a misstep and they will find themself in fourth. Just that fast. Luckily they have beaten each of their divisionmates (Except Birmingham) so they have a bit of an edge. Can they keep it?

What to Watch for?

Can the Pride keep their QB off the Field of Jeans?

Houston ranks third from the bottom in Sacks Allowed. Think about this, they have given up less than 3 sacks in a game only twice this year, and only won one of those games. Lamar Crabtree had no idea how much time he was going to be spending on his back when he received word that he was getting sent to Houston. Luckily he has been the rock the waves crash upon. Taking the punishment but still there to start the next game. Where the Pride's propensity to try and kill their quarterback becomes a problem is that the Hammerheads want to kill and eat Crabtree. They've made a season of killing quarterbacks, ranked number 2 in sacks. Yes, the San Francisco secondary is very tough but if you have 3 guys in the top 20 of the year's sack totals opposing quarterbacks should be very scared. Think about that statistic for a second, it means that the guy in third place in the sack race in San Francisco would be the top dog on at least 6 other teams.

Our Pick

From what we hear, the medical staff of a local San Franciscan hospital has been put on notice for a possible injury coming through their doors. You can't throw the ball with your QB on his back.

San Francisco: -3
Over/Under: 43

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