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No probs. I always used to go to results rather than box scores and manage to get onto the game without seeing the score. I’ll work something out
It is possible but in the past I had owners that didn't like to have to unhide all the scores so I just set it to where no one had to do that anymore. It's been this way for a long time...
apologies if that doesnt sound right
probably the wrong time to ask Rob but i think there must be a option somewhere that leaves the boxscores empty and where it normally says boxscore it says show score and the owner has to click on it. would it be a option for us to use then we can watch games before we know the score?
I've got your package right here.
So do you guys think with the packages thing we'll have a chance for goalline and 3rd down backs?
I mean let's get real...what would you guys do without an elder statesman around these parts? Place would go to hell in no time.
Oh yeah! MyBB 2.0 is going to have a new pm system.. it'll be an instant messenger-type system where its a conversation and not a pm back and forth..
That's great to hear Geoff! I hope we don't lose too many owners (or any at all honestly but I'm not sure everyone will switch).
I'm not going to visit the WS forums anymore so when PF18 v.2.0.10 comes out someone please let me know.
I'll be in in CFA2.0 or whatever needs to be done...
I played FOF# a lot years ago but it was the UI that drove me away eventually as designed progressed in other games. As I remember though sim the engine was rock solid. I'm super excited about this, especially given how great the other OOTP games look...being visually appealing is a huge.
I saw in the FOF8 video there was specific packages (like trips, 4 wide, etc.) and you would set your position player starters for each set. The O-Line had to be set just one time and yeah, there was no backups.. I hope OOTP fixes that (I'm sure they will) because that would be a bit of a bummer.
I don't know about 8, I bought 7 and you would just set your starter at each position and that was it
But what I saw in that video was not a normal depth chart but packages?!
Those guys have subbing in OOTP and FHM.. so it should absolutely makes it way into FOF.
Yeah, I've noticed that in one of the videos.. something OOTP will certainly fix.
my biggest issue with FOF is that they have no depth chart, you set your starters but then the engine subs in players as it sees fit
I've seen some videos.. it looks great (with the exception of a very cluttered UI).. and players are very detailed..
I really want to get my hands on FOF8 just to see how players are handled.. maybe run a few seasons to see how the engine runs as well.. I just don't want to put out the $30 right now haha
Help come up with*
Yeah, I would absolutely help with converting players or at least come up with a quick solution... that would go for future NCFA players as well as our current CFA players.
if worse comes to worse, I will work out a way to manually convert our players, even if I have to do it team by team
This means the current CFA as you know it (its players) may come to an end and a new league will start.. unless there's a way to import our rosters (using csv probably knowing OOTP) we would be starting from scratch.. I know that's unfortunate but it is what it is. I cannot continue to play a game in which the developers don't care enough to fix issues with their game and force us to wait until the "next version" so we can pay another $35 for another broken game.
We will play a few more seasons on PF18 and that's it... I'm really hoping FOF has a minor league/feeder league system this way all of our leagues can make the switch to one single league. If it does not, it will be up to the discretion of the CF2 and NCFA Commissioners if they will continue to play on the current platform.
I'm going to say this here so everyone can read it.. I'll post an email in the coming months when it gets closer to release but.... I'm done with Brooks and Wolverine Studios. We will continue to play on this platform only until FOF is released and is stable (surely the very first iteration getting out into the wild will not be completely stable).
how could you even suggest such a thing?
No, wait...couldn’t be an oversight by the programmers could it?!?!?
Yeah I've noticed that too
Anybody else notice that when switching back and forth between coaches in the gameplan menu the presets that they come with are not consistent? I feel like if I switch between my head coach and D coordinator and back that the DC should have the same game plan as the last time I selected him.
Scores posted, bin file and html reports updated.
Noah, the problem was your playbooks werent' showing up for some reason.. clicked off the screen and back on and it let me save your backups.
Just dropped a doozy of a feature suggestion in the Wolverine forums.
I can't guarantee it will let me as commissioner but I'll give it a try. They've taken away some of the commissioner ability for some reason...
I am having that issue too...Rob if you could please do the same for me as well that would be great
I shut it down and reopened it. That seemed to make it work. If you could when you do the import just make sure the backups play I would appreciate it.
If so you may want to post it over at wolverine studios.. email me and I'll set your strategy to backups for you in case you cannot get it to work before games.
Oh wow.. strange.. is it producing an errorlog.txt?
When I go to play mostly backups and then hit save strategy it gives me an error report to wolverine games
What's it saying?
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