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Poll: When should we switch?
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7 28.00%
After the 2025 season...
18 72.00%
Total 25 vote(s) 100%
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Switching over to Pro Football 18
I'm just going to copy and paste the email that is being sent out...

Quote:I just want to send this out league-wide. I've talked about it on the forum sparingly but here is the official announcement. Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 18 releases today. 

We have two options.. we will give the length of free agency to vote. Everyone is required to vote!

a) We will switch over to it for the 2026 season. We will conduct our off-season on PF18 so the last game to be played on PF16 is Continental Bowl XVI. After that we will make the switch during the "new season" part of the off-season. You would have a few months to purchase. If you're short on cash (its understandable, everyone has things that take priority over this game) Wolverine Studios always has sales throughout the year so be on the lookout for those as well. I will send out reminders when they have sales for those that have not purchased the game. Currently the game is being sold for $34.99 (its not on sale at this moment but will be today).

b) We simulate the 2025 season on PF18 and everyone purchase it within a week or so. If you're already planning to purchase it now (like myself) then you can do that and you'll be ready for when we do switch. If you are not and this vote passes then we will take a week, or even two if necessary, for everyone to purchase the game and we can move on to the season.

PF18 is a huge upgrade. I cannot stress that. If you did not participate in the beta then you're probably not convinced when I say that but its true. There's so much more to the game now, the UI has been overhauled to match CF17. Coaches have been added. AI has been adjusted. There's a ton of new features. Its a true v2.0 of PFS. I think they even went with 2.0 as their version # in this game.

The sooner we switch the faster we can find new owners. The new platform means new gamers. New gamers means new potential owners.

There's a slim chance this game gets a discount for upgrading from PF16. I'm hoping they do that for us PF16 owners like Gary did for CB16 owners when upgrading to CB17.
I'm the one running this show....  Whistle No.1
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I just want to reiterate one thing said above...this is HUGE, GINORMOUS update to the game...definitely worth scrounging up the few extra bucks if you can to do it now.
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I'm torn on this. I can purchase the game right now, however, I know that there are those who cannot. I have helped some in the past, however, I would have a hard time doing this again; unforeseen expenses have popped up. If we decide on option "A", I might be able to help one owner, but only with repayment in a timely manner to be expected. Depending on how many just do not have the finances to do so at the moment, if other owners could see their way clear to partnering up with someone under the same agreement, we could move forward with DDS-PF2018. 

Option "B", if we wait until after this season, to give everyone a chance to purchase the game around the holidays (sale price presumably), we would keep our core group of owners.

If we did simulate the 2025 season, what would change? Would we still have our same rosters, would we skip the 2026 draft?

We should have a role call to see how many, and who can or cannot purchase the game shortly.
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Jeffrey, if we switch all we would do is continue our season as if nothing changed.
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I voted after the season as I was gonna ask the wife for it as a Christmas present. I've now just realised it's my birthday next week so I may change my vote after I've spoken to her. Agree with what Jeff said about losing owners but one thing not considered is how many won't be buying it anyway. It'd be pointless hanging round another season if people drop out after the season.

Btw just checked and the UK price is £29.65 on wolverine.
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I voted for next season, just because I figured people would want to wait until around thanksgiving for the black Friday sale. I don't have a problem buying it right now if that's what is decided. I was just thinking of the Philly type teams who maybe don't have their own money or have low money funds.
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Ya next season so people have time to buy the game, I wont be buying anytime soon
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This quick sample says we will be waiting..
I'm the one running this show....  Whistle No.1
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Continental Bowl XIV Champions
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Sooner the better.
Never got on with DDS 16.
Lots of new enhancements sounds good to me, but if folks want to wait, totally understand.
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I'd like to move over to '18 now, but it's probably best that we wait.
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