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Week 4
Week 4 is dunzo, .bin is uploaded and HTML is uploading now.

Week 5 will be on Thursday, get your exports in.
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[Image: floridagators.jpg]
Damn...just one more three-pointer!?
[Image: portlandreavers_sigplate_angled.png]
Portland Bleeds Reaver Red!
[Image: michiganstate_helmet.png]
Ho lee chit. 90-3. I've never beaten anyone that bad before. That is insane. Makes me wonder what the record is in our league for points in a game?
[Image: sicilylegionnaires_sigplate_angled.png]
[Image: dukebluedevils.jpg]
Has the way the Top 25 ratings changed, all previous seasons at 3-1 UPenn have been in the top 8 this year at 3-1 nowhere to be seen  Mumble
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[Image: sudburystages_tdhelmboilerplate.png]

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