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Copied this straight from the Wolverine Studios' forum.. word for word...

Team Staff- Coaches

Starting coaches
When you start a new game, you will inherit the coaches currently on your team. However, for non CPU teams, these coaches will be under contract for only the first season. This means that you can either extend them or replace them after the season.

Hiring/Firing Coaches
You Hire and Fire coaches during the staff signing phase at the beginning of each season. There are two weeks (sims) in this phase.

Public Options / Signing coaches from other teams
As with NFL you can attempt to hire away coordinators from other teams, but (because of the IRL rule that allows teams to block lateral moves, which we assume they will do, as they do in real life) ONLY to be your headcoach.

This means that for ONLY the first coach signing sim, there is a chance to bid on other teams' coordinators - these are listed in the 'public options'. When the first staff signing sim is run, those who have bids will make their decision. If you had a bid for one rejected, you then have the opportunity to sign from your private options in the second sim.

Private options
The 'private options" for every position are staff only you have the chance to sign, and can do so in either staffsigning week 1 or 2.
All you have to do is pick the one you like.

If you sim past staffsigning without having filled your staff, the AI will fill the staff for you.

Out of Money?
If you do not have money left on your budget to fill a coaching position, your team will promote one of your position coaches to serve for the season. While they are cheap, this is not recommendable.

Coach Retirement
Most unemployed coaches will get jobs elsewhere. Only the most succesful/reputable unemployed coaches are kept in the leaguefile for next season, where they will appear as private options for the teams they would most like to play for.

Coach Progression
Most coaches start out mediocre (do not let the ½, 1 and 1½ stars mislead you, this is the norm) depending on a range of factors (including but not limited to factors such as , success, intelligence, morale) your coaches will progress and become better.

Coach Attributes
Intelligence – affects for a range of things including scouting, training, and playcalling
Preparation– affects playcalling and strategy
Discipline – Matters for dealing with players with low morale and low work ethic, affects tolerance of players with negative traits
Motivating – Matters for morale and on field performance
Loyalty – Matters for contract extension and for the likelihood he will accept job offers from other teams (if he is a coordinator)
Leadership – matters for on field performance, morale
Charisma – affects chance to sign players and morale
Flexibility – affects efficiency when forced to use other schemes than his preferred one
Coach Offense – affects playcalling, training
Coach Defense– affects playcalling, training
Assess Potential – used for finding high potential players in the draft
Asses Ability – used to generate base knowledge of players in the draft
Scouting– used to generate base knowledge and finding high potential players of/in the draft
Youngsters – affect training on young players
Attention to Detail – affect training of elite players
Development – affects all training
Physical Training – affects Physical and athletic training
Position Training (QB, OL, LB, DB etc) – affects training of the specific position

With no Fog of War (I'll provide rookie spreadsheets) I highly recommend everyone to max out their coaches salaries or as close to $20M as you can get.
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