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Week 14
It is in the books and done. bin is uploaded and HTML is following. The last week of the regular season is Saturday, then Tuesday is Conference Championships. Get you exports in and get your team ready!!!
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I will be announcing my resignation from CSU later today. I will be taking over a new team after this season. I have accomplished my main goal of turning them into a powerhouse in a non-power 5 conference. It'll be up to the CPU to keep them there.
I'm the one running this show....  Whistle No.1
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Continental Bowl XIV Champions
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You've done an amazing job. I've considered moving my second team as well
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A major retooling is on the way in Oklahoma as we're about set to graduate a large majority of what might be the greatest recruiting class in the NCFA's brief history.
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What a disappointing season for LSU. We went in with such high hopes but the defense suffered way too many injuries and the offense lacked identity. If we don’t get fired as AD, big changes are in store. Some possibly coming sooner rather than later.
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