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Colorado draft recap...
Another draft is behind the Mustangs and by all appearances this could a class that shows great dividends on the field, assuming the new coaching staff leverages the talents of the new players correctly.

E1-5, DT Clarence Fielder, Duke
With only two on the roster at draft time, defensive tackle was a glaring need but even though this was a pick of necessity, it was the correct one at this position. While on paper it appears that Fielder may not get the starting nod on opening day, he possesses a rare combination of size, speed and agility that isn't often seen. While at Duke he's proven to be a sure handed tackler and a heads up player. He should create a powerful one-two punch with 3rd year veteran Kevin Marlowe (USC) for many years to come.

E2-5, CB Benjamin Connolly, Connecticut
Colorado has some versatility at the safety positions but was in dire need of a true corner to help contain the strong receivers that pepper the Heartland Division. He checks off all the required tickmarks of a corner that can make a difference for years to come. If he doesn't break into the starting lineup he should be the primary nickleback at the start of the season.

E2-13, T Derrick Duncan, Nebraska
With an aging stable of tackles, Duncan is a pick being groomed for the future. He's a mountain of a man standing 6'6" and
tipping the scales at over 300 pounds. Despite his bulk he moves like a mountain cat is very nimble. His run blocking needs some fine tuning but as those in front of him retire he should develop enough to take over a starting role.

E4-5, WR Shad Fuller, Penn State
With the exception of 10-year veteran Antwan Asher, the Mustangs have a fairly young group of recievers, this was not a pick of need but one of opportunity. Fuller is a bit smaller that the rest of the Colorado receivers but has a burst of speed and energy that's infectuous and hard to cover.

E5-5, LB Waylon Haydon, UCLA
Haydon brings some versatility to a very deep Mustang linebacking corp and should spend this season developing and contributing primarily on special teams. But make no mistake, despite being draft in the 5th round defensive coordinator Frank Hewitt says that he has a long and prosperous future ahead on this team. "He's a well rounded you man," says Hewitt, "and has a lot of experienced mentors to learn from...bright future for him."
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You had a very good draft, I've mentioned how much I liked the Fielder pick at #5, but Connolly was a guy I had mocked into the Top 10 at one point, and Fuller was actually on my list for E1-28 if a couple other receivers had already been taken.  Nicely done.
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Waylon Hayden was a sleeper pick by my HC and DC.
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(01-29-2018, 03:32 PM)Rumrunner Wrote: Waylon Hayden was a sleeper pick by my HC and DC.
He doesn’t stand out in any one stat in particular but he is well rounded...a good dude to have around as a backup.
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