Updated on 12/31/2017

Welcome to the Continental Football Association Rulebook!

Please scroll through and read our rulebook to get a feel for how the league operates.

How are games played?

This is likely the first question everyone will ask. The Continental Football Association (CFA) is an Online Multiplayer League. The league is run in a program called Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 18. If you do not own this game, please click the link and check it out. You will be required to own a copy of the game in order to be a member of our league.

How often are games played?

The Continental Football Association (CFA) plays twice a week on Sunday (at 10:00am CST) and Wednesday (at 6:00pm CST).
NOTE: Times are subject to change at any given time depending on the circumstances of the Commissioner. The days, however, are not subject to change (See §2).

In-Game Stuff:

§1) Loading the League File

First, copy the following link:

Second, click on 'Load Saved League' and then 'Load Online League'
Paste the link above in the box and click on 'Continue'

Note: After you've this once you will no longer need to paste the link. Simply go to 'Load Local League' and choose the link from the drop-down list.

§2) League File Updates

  §2.1) Interim Updates

    §2.1.1) Transactions will be processed during Interim Updates. Trades, cuts, and Free Agent signings are all examples of these transactions. You will have until the deadline to post these transactions on the forum.
    §2.1.2) The deadline for these transactions are as follows; Tuesday at 6:00pm CST and Saturday at 10:00am CST. Anything after these times will not be processed until AFTER the games are run on the following day.
    §2.1.3) What if a player is injured before it can be processed? I will give all parties involved in the trade a chance to keep the trade, void the trade, or update the trade. You will have until the following Interim Update to decide how to figure things out. If there is no progress made before the next Interim Update I will process the trade myself.

Note: I will email the league once I do the Interim Update.

  §2.2) Gameday Updates

    I will process updates for gameday on Sunday (10:00am CST) and Wednesday (6:00pm CST).

NOTE: Anything sent in 30 minutes before the update are subject to not being included.

  §2.3) How to Export

    §2.3.1) The first thing you should do EVERY time is DOWNLOAD the latest .bin file. This is key to your export being successful.
    §2.3.2) Once you've logged in and made all of your changes you will simply go back to your team home page (clicking on the team name or logo at the top or bottom of the screen) and press the 'Export' button.

NOTE: Always do an export and then save your game file when you’re done making all of your changes. Do not forget to save your file.

NOTE: Please do not make any changes to your team’s logos or colors. If you have a specific design give me, or our Senior Team Designer, a copy so that I can make it in template I use so all teams look the same. If you do make a change, I will just change it right back to the way I had it, so it would be a waste of time on your part to change it. You may change your Head Coach and personal info, however.

  §2.4) Export Multiple Times

    In case you forgot something and you need to export again go to 'Load Saved League' > 'Load Local League' > 'CFA' [not the .bin file link]. From there, make your changes and export again.

  §2.5) Updating DDS: Pro Football 18

    In the case that there is update for DDS:PF18 you must do the following:
    1) Do NOT update DDS:PF18 immediately.
    2) Export any changes you have made.
    3) Update your version of DDS:PF18.
    4) Download the new .bin file once I’ve posted that there has been an update.

  §2.6) Forced Removal

    If you are inactive (not exporting) for three consecutive weeks you will be sent a ‘warning email’. If you do not respond and do not export for the fourth consecutive week you will be permanently removed from the league.

The Season

§3) Season Length

  §3.1) Pre-Season

    The CFA Pre-Season is two weeks long. It is recommended you either play Balanced or Mostly Backups to not get your starters injured and to see what you have in your backups.

  §3.2) Regular Season

    The Regular Season will 16 weeks long with no (0) bye-weeks.

  §3.3) Post-Season

    The Post-Season is the same format as the NFL with 12 teams making it; 6 teams from both conferences and bye-weeks for the top 2 seeds.

§4) Rosters

  §4.1) The active roster is set to a maximum of 53 players.
  §4.2) The CFA allows up to 8 players on the practice squad.
  §4.3) Injured Reserve players do not count towards your active roster or practice squad count but do count towards your salary cap (see §9)

§5) Trading

  Like any league you may trade any player that you own the rights to. You also may trade up to two (2) years of draft picks in advance. All trades are subject to be denied by the League Office.

  §5.1)Weekly Trade Deadline

    In order for a trade to be completed prior to the week's games all parties involved must agree to the trade on the forum prior to the interim update (See §2.1).

  §5.2) Season Trade Deadline

    The trade deadline for the season will be Week 12 of the Regular Season. No trades may be posted after this week until the Off-Season begins.

§6) Signing Players

There are two ways to sign players in the CFA; free agency and practice squad claims.

  §6.1) Free Agents

    §6.1.1) In order to sign a free agent the team must put in a claim prior to the interim update (See §2.1). Free Agent signings are subject to a waiver order and you may not get the player(s) you wish to sign if another team lower on the waiver order also puts in a claim for said player(s). To do this you must login to your team > Roster > Free Agents > Highlight the player > then choose either Sign Player (Practice) or Sign Player (Active).
    §6.1.2) Free Agents signed during the season are assigned a minimum salary based on their overall (See §9.2) for a 1-year deal. An extension may be negotiated after Week 7 of the Regular Season.

  §6.2) Practice Squad Claims

    You may put in a claim on the designated forum for another team's practice squad player. There are no penalties for doing so and injured players are not safe.

§7) Releasing Players

  §7.1) There is a 15% penalty for releasing a veteran player (at least 1 year of experience). This penalty is paid throughout the life of the contract the player was released from.
  §7.2) Rookies are free cuts and you will not have to pay the 15% penalty.
  §7.3) New owners in the CFA are permitted an Amnesty Cut (a free of charge cut) in their first year as an owner.

§8) Salary Cap

  §8.1) The Salary Cap will raise between 2-5% each season.
  §8.2) Teams may go over the salary cap with Contract Extensions.
    §8.2.1) If a team is over the salary cap during the Off-Season Free Agency periods they may only sign players to a minimum contract.
  §8.3) Teams must be under the cap prior to the start of the Regular Season.
  §8.4) The league enforces a strict cap; a game may not be played unless both teams are under the Salary Cap.

§9) Player Contracts

  §9.1) Maximum Contract

    A player can be signed to a maximum of $7,000,000/year contract.

  §9.2) Minimum Contracts

All minimum contracts are for one (1) season and are based on how high a player's overall is:

  §9.3) Maximum Draft Contract

    DDS: PF18 uses a tiered draft salary system. The highest a rookie can earn is $5M.

  §9.4) Contract Re-Structuring

    The CFA permits one contract to be re-structured each season following specific guidelines:
    §9.4.1) The player may not have been signed in the past two seasons.
    §9.4.2) If the player is cut instead of re-signed the player will be placed back on the roster with their original contract.
    §9.4.3) If the player opts out (wants a change of scenery or to test free agency) the player will be given his contract back and you will be permitted to ‘try again’ with a different player.
    §9.4.4) If the player contract is more than he previously made you are not permitted to ‘try again’ and you can opt to get his previous contract back or accept the new terms.

§10) Re-Signing Players

  There are currently three ways to keep your current players once their contract has expired:

  §10.1) Contract Extensions

    After the season (as well as during the current season after Week 7) owners will be given a chance to re-sign players that want to return. To do this go to ‘Roster’, click the drop-down list and select ‘Upcoming Free Agents’, choose a player, and click on ‘Contract Extension’. If you don’t want to re-sign the player just choose ‘No’ and leave it alone. He will be released once the season is moved into the new season.

  §10.2) Franchise Tags

    If a player does not wish to re-sign with your team or is asking a very high price you can opt to use your Franchise Tag on the player. To do this go to the player card of said player and check the box for "Franchise Tag".

  §10.3) Transition Tags

    §10.3.1) Players with 0-2 years experience and at least one (1) accrued season (six games played) are eligible to be tendered.
    §10.3.2) Prior to the end of the season a list will be compiled of eligible players. From this list owners will choose if they want to use their tag(s).
    §10.3.3) Depending on how many eligible players a team has they can earn multiple tags to use.
    §10.3.4) All contracts will be for just one (1) season and the salary will be determined by the player's overall.

After The Season

§11) Relocating

  Owners that meet specific qualifications will be permitted to submit an application to relocate his team.
  §11.1) Pending approval by the league office an owner may relocate his/her team after they've spent one full season in the CFA.
  §11.2) The Competition Committee may approve an owner's request in special circumstances if the one full season requirement is not met.
  §11.3) An owner that has recently relocated his team may not do so again until after he has spent 3 full seasons in the new city.

§12) League Drafts

  §12.1) Expansion Draft

    In the case of expanding the league will hold an Expansion Draft.
    §12.1.1) The draft will occur before the Pre-Draft Free Agency Sessions.
    §12.1.2) Teams must un-protect 20% or a maximum of 10 players for the draft.
    §12.1.3) If a player is selected from your roster you are allowed to protect one of your remaining unprotected players.

  §12.2) Entry Draft

    §12.2.1) The CFA Entry Draft will be seven (7) rounds long. There is no limit to how many picks a team may own in any given round.
    §12.2.2) The non-playoff teams will be given picks 1-20. They will be aligned in order of fewest wins followed by strongest Strength of Schedule.
    §12.2.3) The final twelve (12) picks will be aligned on how the playoff teams performed the season before (from worst to best like the non-playoff teams and depending on what round they lost in).

  §12.3) Free Agency Draft

    Following Post-Draft Free Agency Sessions the league will conduct a one (1) round ‘Free Agency Draft’ consisting of only the non-playoff teams from the previous season.

§13) Free Agency (Off-Season)

  The league will have ten (10) days of free agency to sign players. Five (5) days will be held before and after the Entry Draft.

§14) Training Camps and Mini Camps

  §14.1) Training Camps

    This is not something the owners can control. Players will go through a training camp before each season. All players will either drop or gain rating points at this time. Older players take larger drops, younger players take larger gains. Please note that Rookies will go through two (2) training camps and may get even larger gains than most.

  §14.2) Mini Camps

    Mini Camps allows owners to choose four (4) players on offense and four (4) players on defense to train them on one (1) single rating category to improve it. This can be done to any player on the roster. However, two (2) of the players [one (1) on each side of the ball] must be rookies or second-year players if the team does not have any rookies. The rules that apply to Mini Camps will be sent out before the start of them. These will take place after the traditional DDS:PF18 Training Camps.

§15) New Season

  It’s time to repeat everything you just went through.

New Owner Information

§16) Waiting List

  Want to be on the waiting list? Feel free to email the Commissioner! I hope you enjoyed your reading, and I look forward to seeing more owners in the future.

Questions, Comments, Concerns?

  If you think something has been left off or have any questions, please feel free to email the CFA Commissioner.